Breaking Borders Mission

"When believers will turn to prayer with a hungry soul for God,
and in prayer will loose the concept of time and of their human interests to focus on their spiritual needs,
then the revival will come, and it will come powerfully"


Pastor Alexandre Guzzardi
Alexandre Guzzardi is Brazilian, he become Christian more than 20 years ago and since 15 years he preaches the Word of God.
When he was 12 years old he started to acquaint himself with the supernatural world and specifically with two African religions which are very practised in Brazil: Umbanda and Cadomble. Also he practising New Age, red many books and had experiences like leaving his body and having spiritualist visions; but when he was 18 he did the most incredible and true experience: he come to know Jesus.
For over 10 years he worked for God in Brazil, leading a weekly service with more than 5000 people, seeing miracles and experiencing the reality of a living Jesus. Recently he has been called to start a new ministry in London, with the vision of a great revival which will touch the whole world, and of course the whole Europe. Breaking Borders Mission believes in this revival!
We are working hard in London with an Italian church, a ministry of intercession, spiritual warfare and especially evangelization. 2009 will be the 3rd year Breaking Borders promotes a conference to bless the whole church of Jesus Christ and all those who are hungry for God.
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Worship Group
We believe that worship opens the doors to God's presence. Jesus sad that the Father was looking for true worshipers. God has gifted this ministry with a group of amazing musicians, not just because they are really good playing, but mainly because of the way God has anointed each of them: Cristina, Manuela, Pietro e Samuele form a fundamental part of this ministry.
Our goal is to live worship as a living style, because we believe that true worship is not something you experience only in Church, you have to live through your daily life, at home, in your family, at work.
To minister with the aanointing of the Spirit, means for us to live out this anointing every day; they play for God. This makes the difference between being simply good musicians and being joined together to minister.



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Breaking Borders Mission
Unit 2 Portalwest Business Centre
Portal Way, London W3 6RU
(1min walk from North Acton station)

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Breaking Borders Mission
Portal West Business Centre - Portal Way, London W3 6RU


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Saturday @ 7 pm - Service